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Chairman Taiwan Network Group United Co., Ltd. Representative: Victor Kuo(Male) Mr. Victor Kuo graduated from the Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University and founded Amit Wireless Inc. in 1998 to develop wireless IoT products. He once served as the CEO and the president of Amigo Technology Inc. listed on TPEx. He has been in the network communication industry for many years and therefore possesses complete, professional and extensive industry knowledge. He serves as the Chief Strategy Officer of D-Link Corporation and a member of ESG Committee of D-Link Corporation, planning the strategic development of products, technologies and investments in relation to the medium and long-term development of the Company, he has successfully led the Company to achieve a ranking in the top 5% category in the 9th Corporate Governance Evaluation. This evaluation compares companies in the same industry with a market value ranging from NT$ 5 billion to NT$ 10 billion. As well as supervising the risks regarding the Company's strategies and operations, with decision-making and risk management capabilities.
Director Taiwan Network Group United Co., Ltd. Representative: Joseph Wang(Male) Mr. Joseph Wang graduated from the Department of Law, National Chung Hsing University. With profound legal expertise, which is one of the necessary specialties for the Board, he helps the Company’s Board of Directors make an evaluation before each major decision, thereby reducing our operational risks. In addition, he has been the Chairman and CEO of Gloria Material Technology Corp and S-Tech Corp for many years and has been personally involved in the management of the companies, with extensive experience in corporate management. In recent years, he has served as the top advisory committee member of the Corporate Sustainability Committee of Gloria Material Technology Corp and is committed to promoting sustainable development policies, leading Gloria Material Technology Corp to achieve the top 5% performance of the 8th and 9th Corporate Governance Evaluation.
Director E-TOP Metal Co., Ltd. Representative: Amy Wu(Female) Mrs. Amy Wu graduated from the Department of New Media and Communication Administration at Ming Chuan University with a Master of Arts in Media Management. She has held positions as the Editor-in-chief of Investment Media, Deputy Editor-in-chief of Business Today and Business Weekly, and an Independent Director at Solar Applied Materials Technology Corp. With extensive international market insights and industry knowledge, she brings valuable expertise to the table. The book "Rebuilding EZSET Lock" received the Golden Book Award in 2007. Moreover, she is actively promoting the sustainable development in Taiwan Steel Group and has successfully obtained the certification of Corporate Sustainability Manager. She offers expert guidance to the Company regarding sustainable development strategies.
Currently serving as Representative of Institutional Director of CHUN YU WORKS & CO., LTD. and practical experience in operations and business management.
Director E-TOP Metal Co., Ltd. Representative: Fred Fong(Male) Mr. Fred Fong holds a Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh in the United States. Previously, he served as an independent director at D-Link Corporation, and later joined the Company as a consultant. He brings with him a wealth of industry knowledge and valuable insights into the international market. He has also held positions as the Technical Director at NXP Semiconductors Taiwan Ltd. and the President at Koninklijke Philips N.V. He has demonstrated the ability to make operational judgments, manage operations, and make strategic leadership decisions.
Director Brian Kao(Male) Mr. Brian Kao holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from National Chiao Tung University. He currently serves as the Chairperson of Sixnology Inc., He has extensive expertise and management experience in AI, cloud, and communication software development. With his leadership, his team has successfully developed a range of IoT products with a focus on AI technologies, including speech recognition and image recognition. Mr. Kao's achievements in this field have been internationally recognized, earning him prestigious awards such as IF, Red Dot, GOOD DESIGN, and IDEA. In addition, he has also excelled in the field of information security and has authored or translated multiple books, including works such as "Building Secure Software Systems with Zero Defects".
Director Victor Wu(Male) Victor Wu graduated from the Law Department of Fu Jen University and currently serves as a municipal government consultant for the Taipei City Government, the managing lawyer at Po Hung Law Firm, and an Independent Director at EasyCard Corporation. With his legal expertise, he supports the Company's Board of Directors in managing risks and offering professional advice during decision-making.
Independent Director Richard Lee(Male) Mr. Richard Lee, a graduate of the Institute of China and Asia-Pacific Studies at National Sun Yat-sen University, brings extensive legal experience as a former District Court Division-Chief Judge and Presiding Judge. He also served as a Congressional Assistant in the Legislative Yuan, authoring interpellation papers for legislators and assisting in managing public petitions. This experience showcases his strong cross-disciplinary conceptual and analytical thinking, adept information consolidation abilities, and crisis management skills. As a Partner in a law firm, he oversees operational guidelines and business execution, meeting the professional qualifications that qualify him as an Independent Director. He is currently serving as the Convener of the Company's Remuneration Committee and a member of the Audit Committee and the ESG Committee.
Independent Director Richard Chen(Male) Mr. Richard Chen graduated from the Department of Accounting, Chinese Culture University. In addition to passing the Senior Professional and Technical Examination for Certified Public Accountants, he obtained the securities analyst and the land administration agent licenses, with accounting professional and financial analysis capabilities. Therefore, he has met the professional qualifications for an independent director. He is also the convener of the Company's Audit Committee and a member of the Remuneration Committee and the ESG Committee.
Independent Director Chun-Hsiung Chu(Male) Mr. Chun-Hsiung Chu graduated from the master’s program, School of Law, National Chung Hsing University. He has practiced as an attorney for more than 30 years with profound legal expertise. He has participated in the evaluation and operation of large-scale projects of customers in terms of integrated finance, law, technology, management, and risk, such as the information and communication software and hardware construction project of the Terminal Three of Taoyuan International Airport and the military procurement project of the Ministry of National Defense, with cross-disciplinary conceptual and analytical thinking, information consolidation and crisis management skills. Therefore, he has met the professional qualifications for an independent director. He has long served as a member of the Neighborhood Committee of the Ministry of National Defense and is responsible for assisting each township in using the funds donated by the Ministry of National Defense for the sustainable work of general construction and regional revitalization in each township. He can provide professional advice on the sustainable development of the Company from different perspectives. Therefore, he is also the convener of the Company's CSR Committee and a member of the Audit Committee and the Remuneration Committee.


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